Wellbeing Consultancy


Sulis Consulting offers a range of wellbeing services including:
An assessment of the needs of your organisation through questionnaire and discussion with key players.
A tailor-made approach to improving wellbeing in your organisation.
A number of day or half day workshops at times to suit your company.


One day wellbeing workshop which includes
• Wellbeing self-assessment on the wheel of health.
• Eat well for health and energy
• The mind body connection including the effects of stress.
• Introduction to mindfulness
• The benefits of exercise and how to motivate yourself to do it!
• Mind control – how to cultivate positivity
• From judgement to compassion – how to improve relationships at work and at home.
• Team brainstorming for how to be healthy at work leading to team (and individual) goals.

Other workshops include:
• Mindfulness at work
• Sleep and relaxation – how to switch off and get a good night’s sleep
• Stress, what it is and how to reduce or avoid it.
• The mind body connection – the latest science to help us get and remain healthy.
• Happy and healthy – the connection between positivity and wellbeing and how to cultivate a positive outlook.
• Introduction to Neurolinguistic Programming – how NLP can help you set effective goals, cultivate positive states of mind, improve your confidence and read other people’s body language.
• Boost your confidence – a workshop to help you feel empowered and make the most of your skills and talents.
• Nutrition and exercise – what you need to know and do for maximum wellbeing.
• Coaching skills for managers.

Other services:

• Conflict resolution (many staff leave due to unresolved conflicts at work).
• Debriefing after a traumatic incident such as the death of a colleague at work or other distressing event.
• Teambuilding for specific teams to help the members understand each other and develop a common vision together.
• Away days focused on wellbeing. These may include connecting to the natural world as it is known to help relaxation and wellbeing on many levels.

One to one sessions:

• Wellbeing coaching
• Confidence building
• Developing assertiveness skills.
• Dealing with stress.
• Improving relationships at work.
• Dealing with difficult people at work.

Whatever your needs are, get in touch with Sue. sue@sulisconsulting.com 07595035191 or 01603 722017.

As a wellbeing consultant, I have offered interventions to organisations that include Mindfulness at Work, Coaching and Communication skills, Eating for Health, Transforming Stress with HeartMath, Wellbeing for teams etc. Clients include Barenbrug, the UEA, the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, various GP surgeries and PSS. I have given a number of talk / workshops on various aspects of health and mental health at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre..