As a qualified and experienced coach I can help you discover and realise your dreams. I offer the following:

Wellbeing coaching – Let me help you drop those unhealthy habits and embrace the nutrition and lifestyle changes that will improve your wellbeing and mental health. I have experience in making a difference to people with ME, IBS, cancer, stress related illness and more. Holistic remedies complement the coaching sessions.

HeartMath – awakening the intelligence of the heart – The Heart Math Institute in the US has researched the heart – brain communication channels and come up with practices that are proven to improve focus and creative problem solving and reduce stress. Using a biofeedback device we can track your HRV (heart rate variability) and improve your health, clarity of thinking and emotional management.

Walk the talk coaching – you can discuss your problems during a walk in nature (weather permitting) to increase your fitness at the same time as finding solutions. Sessions are one hour with around 30 – 40 minutes of walking and some talking in my cabin at the beginning and end of the session.

Body image coaching – today there are many teenagers and adults (especially women) who dislike their bodies. Other people have learnt to mistrust their emotional responses and tend to try to rule themselves through their minds, ignoring signs of stress, tiredness and emotional needs.  I have a track record of helping people access their body wisdom and learn to trust their perceptions. They then reject the idea of trying to live up to a false (airbrushed) ideal and learn to make friends with their bodies and enjoy life moment to moment in harmony with their needs.

Performance coaching – If you are a musician, singer, actor or dancer I can help you to relax and give your best performance without being held back by anxiety. I can also help sportspeople to perform with confidence. As well as working with singers, musicians, actors and other performers, I have helped golf players, those competing in riding events, tennis players and others.

Coaching for success at work – if you need to overcome blocks and barriers at work or find ways to deal with a difficult boss or colleague then book in with me. Stress management may be a part of this coaching and HeartMath (see above).

Coaching for success in exams – I love helping people overcome exam anxiety. Many teenagers have exceeded their expectations in exams after sessions with me and an adult client was able to fulfil her potential finally when doing an OU degree course in psychology. She had suffered at school and at University with extreme exam anxiety and never achieved what she was capable of until she had two sessions with me and gained over 80%.

Confidence building for teens and adults – today there is an epidemic of anxiety amongst young people. Pressure from social media and school makes them fearful and sometimes depressed. Bullying can knock their confidence and sense of self. I have helped many teenagers to build their self-esteem and step into their power so they can be their best in all ways.

Hero’s Journey coaching  –  bring your dreams to me and I will support you on your journey to fulfilment. I have helped many people to break away from dead end jobs and create their own successful businesses or projects. As a hero / heroine on your journey you will hear the voice of your calling, cross the threshold into the unknown with guardians to support you and find creative ways to accomplish your dream. I will be alongside you all the way to help you release the limiting beliefs that hold you back and allow your deepest calling to guide you on your path.

Parent coaching – parenting is generally one of the most challenging tasks we will ever have to face. I can help you to disentangle your past so you are free to support your children on their heroes’ journeys. I can also offer advice based on the latest research into what parenting styles work best for children and how to help your teenagers grow up to be strong and confident. Some parents poison a child’s mind against the other parent after a divorce. I can help you recognise and deal with parental alienation if it occurs.

Relationship coaching – many people look for love in all the wrong places. I can help you to choose more wisely and then learn important skills for keeping love alive and working out differences. I can help people to recover from controlling relationships and learn to value themselves so they do not repeat the pattern.  Divorce brings many challenges but  it can be navigated successfully with some support.

Spiritual coaching – I can help you break away from religious mores and beliefs that restrict you and assist you in finding your own spiritual path. As someone who has been on Buddhist retreats, whose son was a chorister at the Peter Mancroft church, has trained in shamanic practice and been initiated as a priestess of Rhiannon in Glastonbury, I am acquainted with but not signed up to a range of spiritual and religious practices. Research shows that any form of spiritual practice enhances happiness and brings more meaning to life.

Soul coaching – if you feel your life lacks deeper meaning then you may benefit from the chance to discover what really matters to you. I will help you to access the deeper layers of your psyche and hear your inner voice. I can suggest exercises such as meditation and visualisation that will develop your soul awareness and help you to live a richer life.

Of course, in many cases the sessions we would enjoy together would be a combination of these themes rather than only focusing on one of them. I am here to serve you and help you to find your authentic self and discover your calling and your gifts. Many of these themes also overlap with what I offer within my holistic therapy practice.

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