Yoga has changed my life

Yoga has changed my life

I set out to learn how to become a yoga teacher and spent three glorious weeks in Greece to that end. What I didn’t realise is how practising yoga 2 – 3 hours a day would change me. I felt my muscles firming up, my abs toning and my posture becoming more upright without effort. That was just the start. I began to feel vibrant in a way I hadn’t felt before. Powerfully alive, upbeat (my usual state thankfully) and fit. It is hard to describe it but life felt so good and I felt so full of energy.

I worried about coming home. And indeed the first night back I was tired and felt stressed. So I practised some yoga that evening. When I got up from my mat, the stress had gone and I felt balanced and fine again. I’ve never been good at doing any practice consistently so I wondered what might become of my good intentions to practise yoga daily.

To my surprise I woke up and after drinking my tea and reading a bit I wanted to get to my yoga mat. Chanting the mantra we always began our practice with was such a good feeling and, once in my practice, I came home to my body. How loose was my neck? Could it go further to one side than the other? I loved checking in with the subtle sensations of my body. It was like greeting a friend and asking how they are. Standing to do warrior poses made me feel powerful and strong and I noticed that the forward bends were getting a lot easier. I could reach my toes and bending backwards for camel became easier.

I am amazed at how much I want to get onto my mat and practise. How enjoyable the time spent there is and how good I feel afterwards. In the evening I light a candle and do some relaxing restorative yoga. It is so blissful that I don’t want to disturb the peace by going to bed. With few exceptions, I have practised yoga at home every day, joyfully and mindfully.

After a weekend of restorative yoga training I am a total fan. I want others to experience the peace, the relaxation, the feeling of being held and supported by the universe.

Yes, yoga has changed my life for the better and the research done by scientists confirms the benefits that yoga can bestow on everyone.

Come and find out what those benefits are and how your life can be changed and your health and wellbeing improved by yoga. My upcoming talk on De-stress with Yoga – the benefits explained is at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich on 18th August.  Followed by a taster session on 12th August on Healing Yoga 10.00 – 11.30 and Goddess Yoga 12.00 – 1.30  which are also at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre.

A further talk is on 25th July at the Complementary Health Care Clinic, 34 Exchange Street, Norwich. That one has the title: Yoga for Women’s Empowerment. Come and discover what Goddess Yoga is and you can book a place on my class starting in September at the CHCC on Tuesday evenings.