Change is the end result of all true learning. Leo Buscaglia


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Would you like to learn how to:

Develop greater positivity, resilience and wellbeing in your life?
Become a highly effective communicator  and enjoy better relationships?
Effect change easily and comfortably in yourself and others?
Be true to yourself and fulfil your life’s purpose?
Apply the latest science of wellbeing to your life and the lives of others?
Become a great coach?

Embrace a new calling as a Wellbeing Coach to make a real difference to people’s lives?

On completing the course you will receive international certification as an NLP Practitioner and a Wellbeing Coach.

The skills you will learn can be applied in your family or within a work team and as well as in a coaching, medical, advisory or therapy setting.
The NLP Wellbeing Coach Practitioner is ideal for those who work in the areas of counselling, therapy, coaching, advising, training, teaching, social work, management, the medical profession as well as for people seeking leadership and management skills or ways to improve wellbeing in their workplace and family. You may just want the benefits for yourself and your loved ones.

It is spread over 8 weekends to enable participants to digest and practise in between sessions. This allows a supportive group to form and for the learning to be absorbed over time leading to better retention and greater understanding and application of the material. I don’t work with large groups so there will be a maximum of 15 participants to guarantee optimal learning and support. There is no written homework between weekends though two short case studies are required for the assessment at the end of the course. You receive an NLP Practitioner certificate in association with the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community run by Robert Dilts, one of the founders of NLP. Your certificate also qualifies you as a Wellbeing Coach.

What people have said about the training: Fascinating, inspiring, stimulating, motivating. Lots of skills learnt and practised. Great, I got so much from every technique we learned. engaging, relevant to my work, thought provoking and about Sue as a trainer: Excellent, relaxed, focused, practical. Very easy going, made it easy to learn. Relaxed and clear, fun. Imaginative, amusing.


The training will consist of eight weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 for 10.00 am start, finishing at 5.30 pm each day. All weekends will take place at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapelfield East, Norwich, NR2 1SF.

This venue is COVID secure and, as long as necessary, we will observe social distancing. Due to COVID numbers we will now start or aim to start in April! Fingers crossed!

Dates for next training starting in April 2021 

10th, 11th April

15th, 16th May

19th, 20th June

10th, 11th July

21st, 22nd August

4th, 5th September

(Two more weekends to be added in consultation with the group.)


Cost: £230 per weekend. Payment of the whole amount in advance, £1650 (instead of £1840). Payment via standing order over 8 months, £230 each month. Payment over 12 months £155 per month. Other arrangements are possible. Please call me to discuss financial arrangements on 07595035191. If you cannot attend a weekend, a catch up session with me can be booked at no extra charge.

To reserve your place please contact Sue Bayliss, 07595035191 or email me:

Content of the course includes:

  • Two models that make the application of NLP skills easier and more effective. The RESOLVE model from Richard Bolstad and the Axes of Change created by Michael Hall.
  • History of NLP, Score dance and NLP Presuppositions.
  • States: how to access positive states of mind and emotion and how to anchor them so they can be recalled at will. How to shift from negative to positive states.
  • Centering and grounding as resourceful states. State of excellence.
  • Reading body language and understanding the auditory, visual and kinesthetic language.  Representational systems.
  • Building true rapport by tuning in to others, presence and empathic response.  Deep listening.
  • What makes us happy? The science of Positive Psychology and how it applies to NLP.
  • The mind body connection. The latest research and its relevance to helping people. Psychoeducation.
  • Understanding a client’s world with reference to the themes of power, self, others, time and worldview.
  • Coaching, what is it and its principles for client and coach.
  • Outcomes, and why they are important. The Well- formed Outcome and Imagineering (created by Robert Dilts).
  • Finding creative solutions, The Disney Strategy and visioning.
  • A range of change techniques such as, reframing, metamodel challenges, 3 positions (brilliant for improving relationships), timelines, opening up the client’s model of the world, Mind to Muscle, parts integration, cultivating self care and kindness to self, supporting self with 3 mentors and more!
  • The use of trance, Generative Trance created by Steve Gilligan, and how to cultivate the language of trance. Metaphors, stories and symbols. How they can provide healing.

You will work in pairs and groups of three to practise all the skills under supervision and apply them all the way through the course. There is a practical assessment at the end and two case studies need to be written and submitted. You will work on your own problems and challenges so that you experience the true power of NLP to make a difference to your life.

You can use the skills in your life and work or you may want to change career to become a Wellbeing Coach and work one to one or in groups to help people overcome their blocks and barriers and create the life they want.



Take your NLP training to the next level!

Starting in September 2020 this training, over eight weekends, will give you all that is needed to create a successful holistic practice.

What’s more, you will undergo a profound self development journey in a safe and supportive setting. This course is totally unique as it combines the science, the practical skills (NLP and others) and the power of spiritual experience to facilitate healing and flourishing, going way beyond ‘fixing’ to allowing people to be heroes of their lives, fulfilling their calling and bringing forth their gifts. Indeed the Hero’s Journey weekend has proved to be life changing for previous participants. What helps you as a participant to flourish will surely help others.

Each participant will undertake a project of their choice to show their application of NLP in the area of wellbeing. It could be running a workshop, writing some case studies, integrating NLP into your work in some way with colleagues, children in the classroom (eg: devising ways to help them be calm in exams), applying the learning to your own life and recording it via video or writing. The final weekend will include presentations from each person to show what you have done as well as a written record (short!).

Weekend 1 – Holistic Health, the mind body heart gut connection 

12th, 13th September

Content to include: stress, immunity, epigenetics, the role of the heart, your microbiome, the autonomous nervous sytem, breathing, HeartMath and a revision of key NLP techniques and approach to wellbeing.

Weekend 2 – Releasing trauma and changing limiting beliefs through Eye Movement Neurointegration – the most effective technique you will (ever?) learn.

24th, 25th October

Content to include: the neurobiology of trauma and how it impacts beliefs and the self, how beliefs are formed and the key negative beliefs, the EMN procedure and practise. Revision of trance language and how to relax a client and teach them to breathe deeply. EMN is an approach I have developed myself formed of EMDR elements, Eye Movement Integration (NLP version) and Generative Trance together with deep relaxation and inner child healing. It is hugely effective in releasing trauma, phobias and any limiting belief.

Weekend 3 – Steve Gilligan’s Generative Trance and the use of story, ritual and metaphor.

28th, 29th November

Content to include: the 3 minds, building resources and writing pledges, complementarity, the tetralemma, soul retrieval, dialoguing with symptoms.

Weekend 4 – Healing anxiety and depression the holistic way

23rd, 24th January 2021

Content to include: States of fight, flight and freeze, grounding, breathing practices, NLP techniques for fear of flying, social anxiety, phobias and performance anxiety. Depression – what works, the power of gratitude, remedies and dietary interventions for anxiety and depression. How to facilitate grief as a healing journey. Sleep, its benefits and how to get a good night’s sleep.

Weekend 5 –  The Healing Power of loving self and other, kindness and compassion and inner child work.

20th, 21st February 2021

Content includes: the role of oxytocin, the science of compassion, meditation and gratitude, the healing power of touch, self acceptance and why it matters, welcoming and integrating banished parts, healing the inner child. 4th and 5th perceptual positions, the forgiveness cancellation process. How to release identifications.

Weekend 6 – Spiritual Practices and why they work.

20th, 21st March 2021

Content includes: Connecting to nature and animals, yoga, Qi Gong, mindfulness, fasting, shamanic journeying, the Mandala of Being and more! Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey – steps and stages and how to prepare for the following weekend.

Weekend 7 – The Hero’s Journey – creating and acting it with the help of the group.

24th, 25th April 2021

Content includes: Preparing your own hero’s journey in the form of story and map and then, with any props you need and assigning roles to other group members, acting it out. This is a profound experience and the culmination of your personal development during the training. We also consider how to use the Hero’s Journey model in coaching and therapy.

Weekend 8 – Project presentation and more

22nd, 23rd May 2021

Content includes: In this final weekend each particpant presents their project to show what they have learnt and achieved. We discuss how each person will continue their NLP journey and what support is available. Closing ritual and celebration.

Cost: Each weekend costs £250 and payment can be made via a standing order which can be extended over longer that the duration of the course if necessary.  Upfront payment is £1800 with a discount of £200 on the overall cost.  Please discuss any financial considerations with Sue.

Absence: If you will miss one day or a whole weekend, you can plan in a catch up session with Sue to make sure you can gain the appropriate knowledge.

Projects: These will be discussed with Sue. Consider how you want to apply your learning in your life and work.

Any queries, please contact Sue on To register for this trainingplaces are limitedplease email Sue and pay a deposit of £50.


Eye Movement Neurointegration training.

This is a highly effective treatment for trauma (dispels symptoms of PTSD), phobias and releases any limiting belief. I put together elements of EMDR with Generative Trance, breathing and relaxation techniques and mind body healing visualisations. It works rapidly and with minimum distress to the client. Watch the film to see how it made a difference to Suzanne who made a full recovery from PTSD after witnessing a road traffic accident. The video is on the Home Page.

I taught the method to Palestinian professionals in Bethlehem in February of 2018 in association with the Holy Land Trust.

This five day training can be arranged independently but generally forms part of the NLP Master Practitioner in Holistic Health. Ask for details if you are interested in booking a training. It can be taught one to one or in a group of experienced practitioners.


What is NLP and how can it help? Sue Bayliss explains from opl productions on Vimeo.