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Welcome to Sulis Consulting!

Sulis is a Celtic Goddess of wellbeing. The healing waters at Bath were named Aquae Sulis. Later, the Roman goddess, Minerva entered the scene and Sulis Minerva was worshipped. Sulis was also considered to be a Goddess of wisdom and decision making.
My life is dedicated to bringing wellbeing and healing to all those who need it. I work with individuals, adults and children, groups of all kinds, and in the corporate sector. I bring over 30 years’ experience to this work and always tailor my approach to my clients’ specific needs.
Discover what Sulis can do for you by helping you (or your children) to be freed of fears, phobias, depression and confidence sapping limiting beliefs, assisting you to choose a healthier lifestyle and learning important life skills in workshops and trainings such the NLP Wellbeing Coach Practitioner. Invite Sulis Consulting to help you create a healthier, happier workplace with a focus on individual and team wellbeing.

NEW SERVICE FROM SULIS: If you would like to create a ceremony that is tailored to your wishes, look no further. I have been initiated as a Priestess of Rhiannon after a two year training in Glastonbury and am offering a range of ceremonies to celebrate the important occasions and milestones of your life. Check out my website: www.sulisceremonies.com

For more detail and a client’s view please watch the BBC Inside Out programme below.

See how Sue helps a client out of depression: –

To contact Sue: 01603 722017, 07595035191, email: sue@sulisconsulting.com

Iain McGilchrist

A recommendation from Dr Iain McGilchrist, psychiatrist and author of The Master and His Emissary, The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World, who sent me many of his patients to see before he retired to Skye. He now speaks at conferences and gives workshops and seminars all over the world.

“I worked alongside Sue for a number of years and found her to be an excellent therapist, who uses a variety of approaches tailored to individual need, and was liked by, and helpful to, many of my patients, including some who had been little helped by other therapeutic interventions.”


Matthew hit and killed a suicidal man who stepped out deliberately in front of his lorry. Although the accident was unavoidable, Matthew blamed himself for causing the death of the man. He wrote:

“My life fell apart. I gave up on life; suffering post traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, feelings I had never encountered before. I couldn’t cope any longer and couldn’t see a way out. ….. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, and no way out from my mental torture.

Or so I thought, until my wife booked me in for some ‘eye movement therapy’ after hearing about it on the television. … After only three, one hour sessions over a three week period with Sue Bayliss, the therapy had absolutely amazing results. I came off the anti-depressants, drove past the accident site… The flashbacks and nightmares stopped. I could function again, rebuilding relationships and lost time with my family. … For me this eye movement therapy has been a miracle cure and enabled me to continue with my life once more rather than destroying it.” – Matthew

“Sue has made such a difference to me, my son and my daughter and therefore the life of my whole family. I honestly don’t know where we would have been without her. She has helped me get better from M.E/CFS with such wisdom and sensitivity and skill I am sometimes overwhelmed by how grateful I am that I found her. She has helped my daughter overcome a vomit phobia which was affecting her whole life in just a few sessions and transformed the life of my son at University, again with only two sessions.
She has also given me a better marriage and a happier life and I cannot say how grateful I am- on so many levels. I can not recommend Sue highly enough”. – Judith

A client in London who gave up his lucrative job in the business world to train as a psychotherapist wrote the following:

“Dear Sue, I am so grateful for how you have helped me to make such important changes in my life and my way of being. I very much enjoyed our sessions together and the insights I would take from them into my wider life. You have truly been an important guardian, without whom the fertile void would have been that much harder to be in and navigate through.”  S, trainee therapist, London.

“I have trained with Sue in EMN and NLP. I highly recommend any of her courses, She is an outstanding teacher who is filled with compassion. Her training is both fun and informative. She has vast knowledge to share and draws upon her deep learnings and rich experiences. Sue inspires me to show up as I am in the world and I thank her so much for that and more. ”  JN. Mental health nurse.